The People’s Coalition of Coney Island is a coordinating body for Coney Island leaders and residents seeking to make positive change in our community.

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The Coalition recognizes that the Coney Island community has suffered from a long history of geographic and economic isolation, unfair resource allocation, and general neglect. If the entire community is to rise up as a whole, this pattern must stop.

Coney Island is a diverse community with a significant proportion of residents who represent communities of color. Historically marginalized, these residents realize that through organization, advocacy, and mutual trust, they can access a seat at the table and demand resources that are rightfully theirs. The Coalition is committed to educating community residents concerning their rights and responsibilities, advocating for transparency and fairness, and encouraging open and honest communication and coordination of effort.

Membership in the Coalition is open to all Coney Island residents, organizations, and local businesses who share our commitment to growing a culture of mutual support, robust civic participation, and equitable resource distribution in our neighborhood.